Rediscovering the White Album

For those of you who don’t know me — I’m quite The Beatles fan. I have loved their music since I was a kid. But, there was one album I overlooked, The White Album. I knew certain songs from it like “Dear Prudence”, “Happiness is a Warm Gun”, “Blackbird”, etc. but I never listened as a whole. All together it is 93 minutes long. It is composed of two parts and is often thought of as unorganized and just a random assortment. After hearing my professor talk about it — I believe it to be quite the contrary. This album was compiled in a very intentional way. John and Paul actually spent 24 strait hours in the studio debating over how it should be put together. The album features extremes of The Beatles with loud rock songs like “Helter Skelter” and on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, “Goodnight” an almost lullaby-esque song. This album displays The Beatles’ ability to do anything as musicians. They display their wide array of ability and creative genius as artists. I love this album and definitely think it deserves oodles of praise!



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