Family. Well, what can I say about mine…they are the craziest and best people I know. Living away from them has actually been pretty hard, but also really fun. I guess the hardest thing is not having them around when I want to talk or not having home-cooked food. At the same time it is nice to be away from all of the yelling and bickering between my sister and my parents.

My Dad and I at my ball circa senior year, 2012


Living away has made me realize that I am so lucky to be raised the way I was. I was taught to be respectful of others’ space, to think before I speak, use common sense, to be considerate for others, etc. I have realized that so many people do not exercise these skills at college or in the real world. It’s quite frustrating actually, you expect people to act a certain way and they just don’t. One of the things I am most grateful for is the way my parents parented me. They didn’t shelter me, but they didn’t let me run wild. They had and have high expectations for me, but never pressure me to do anything I don’t want to. Most importantly they always taught me to do what I am passionate about. Thanks to them, I have the support to follow any endeavor I choose, and I feel so lucky for that.

My beautiful mom and sister



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