Hello, Goodbye.

There is always a period of nostalgia for me, whenever something good is coming to a close. My freshman year of college is almost over (8 days left) and I feel so happy to have met the people I have and also to become the person I am today. I started off the year pretty sure of myself, with strong goals to make lasting friendships and to try new things. My expectations were surpassed! The group of girls I have become close with have become like family to me and together we can do anything!


It sounds corny, but a new chapter of my life has started. I have realized things about myself that define me as a person and I have made a new life for myself. I have matured in ways that I could have never anticipated and though it was hard, leaving home was the best way for me to grow as an individual. I am so thankful to have a wonderful family to go back home to and at my new home, UCSD!

Everyday is a new adventure with the breasties.


Don’t you test these breasties!


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