Inside Outside Lands 2013

I’ve just come off a music high of seeing some of the greatest musicians of all time this weekend at Outside Lands. Music wasn’t the only thing getting people high this weekend. My, oh, my…I felt like I was transported back to a Wannabe Woodstock with all the “hippies” and “tree huggers” of the world in good ol’ San Francisco. The acts were amazing, but the people watching was the real entertainment.

Throughout the weekend I saw true music fans, foodies, alkies (alcoholics), potheads, people who had no idea what was going on the entire time, and the absolute worst outfits ever.

Sir Paul McCartney

While I was in line to see the magnificent Sir Paul McCartney, trying to get the best view possible in a massive sea of people, I found myself pressed up against the artist pass fence, the area that is sectioned off for guests of the artists and staff. In this spacious corral I saw some of the most unglamorous, glamourous people ever. I try not to be judgy, but my inner mean girl comes out one way or another, so here’s my mini-bitch rant. Ok, I don’t understand the whole paying $400 dollars to look like you walked strait out of the 70’s thing.

In the artists’ guest area I saw a bunch of girls in very expensive vintage clothes that I’m pretty sure my grandma sewed for my mom and aunt with bulk fabrics from the dollar store. I get the whole trying to look unique and vintage thing, but I feel as though you should do it with like a tad bit of understanding. I don’t know, maybe I am crazy but I feel like the general population of the 70’s was trying to save money and sew clothes at home and do things affordably. People get so obsessed with trying to re-create or bring back things that were once great things, i.e. Woodstock, classic movies, and the perm (questionable). But, I got to tell you I think it’s a big mistake. Sure, we all get nostalgic for old things, but how will we ever move forward if we’re stuck in the past?

Wow, so I got really far off from the topic of Outside Lands, but I feel as though this was kind of relevant…ok so maybe it wasn’t, but whatever, it’s my blog.

Anywhoo…the people watching was crazy entertaining, but the music was unforgettable!Β On Friday I saw Band of Horses, The National, and Sir Paul McCartney. All of them were phenomenal, but I have to say seeing Sir Paul live made me gently weep as he wailed on the guitar, bass, ukelele, piano, keyboard, and so on. He played almost a 3 hour set of 41 songs and gave 2 encores…he’s pretty much a rock god.

As for the other days, no one really compared to Sir Paul, but there was still a plethora of good acts. I saw Atlas Genius, Bombino, Foals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pheonix, Vampire Weekend, Rudimental, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had a lot of fun singing along with my favorite bands, discovering some new bands, and meeting new people.

In conclusion, music festivals are really fun and if you like good food, booze, and music then you should definitely go to one! Outside Lands is great because there is a little bit of something for everyone. Just make sure to dress warm, because San Francisco is freezing! I think my next step is to check out the European Music Festival scene, see y’all there 2014!!

Here’s a video of Sir Paul McCartneyΒ playing Magical Mystery Tour.

Here’s a video ofΒ Rudimental, a UK soul/dance band, one of my favorites!


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