Occupation: College Student/Housewife

Sorry I don’t post very often…wait, actually no, I’m not sorry that I don’t post very often. My life is really not that enthralling or cool enough for me to think of things to post about all the time.

I’m currently just getting settled into my new apartment at school.

My Cute Room Decor

My Cute Room Decor

By getting settled I mean decorating, figuring out how to stream Netflix through my new smart TV, and also making sure I get cable so I don’t have to wait a week to see the new Mindy Project episode. Yep, my priorities are in perfect alignment. To give myself an ounce of credit, I actually have been going to classes, meetings, and work, you know the “important” stuff. Though, I get all my responsibilities done, I still find myself with an abundance of free time, which is really weird. Some people feel empowered by this new found time and start exercising or start a cool hobby like knitting or juggling. Am I one of those empowered individuals? Nope. Absolutely not. I’ve pretty much turned into a husbandless housewife, trying new recipes from Pinterest and watching daytime television. It would be really cool if Bravo or TLC or whatever made a reality TV spinoff series about my life, so that I could just continue to do whatever and get paid a gross amount of money. They could call it, The Husbandless Housewives of UCSD, just think of all the ratings! There could be an episode where I drink wine and get into a drunk hissy fit, because my other husbandless housewives want to watch Pretty Little Liars and I want to watch Breaking Bad.Β Oh, that golden 18-34 year old bracket of viewers would so be into this.

Well, I’ve gotta run. Polenta crisps are almost done. Oh, the crazy life of a housewife.

Me. When I become a Real Housewife one day.

Me. When I become a Real Housewife one day.



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