Alberto Moravia vs. Woody Allen

In my Italian literature class this quarter the focus is on Rome. The title of the class is Racconti Romani and we are reading a series of short stories from Alberto Moravia in the novel, you guessed it, Racconti Romani. The class is great! My professor, Adriana is super Italian and always talks about her kids and how they get into trouble all the time, which is extremely entertaining, especially because she speaks only in Italian.

It’s week 3 and all my friends are freaking out about midterms, meanwhile I’m watching To Rome with Love in class all week and discussing how it relates to I Racconti Romani di Moravia. I saw the movie when it first came out and absolutely adored it. It’s funny watching it now and comparing it to Moravia’s stories, because there are actually a lot of similarities. Both Allen and Moravia show how characters in a predicament deal with life in “un stilo molto Romano”, a very Roman way. Like Allen, Moravia is a great observer, which is evident in his detailed characterizations of protagonists in the short stories.

What I like about both authors is that they are able to make me laugh, whilst still making me think. I think this is because what they write about is relatable and as far as I’m concerned, true prose is good prose.



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