Thank You. I’m Sorry. I Love You.

The Neighbourhood Visits the ASOS Music Lounge...

The Neighbourhood Visits the ASOS Music Lounge at SXSW (Photo credit: redtouchmedia)

Last night I saw the band, The Neighbourhood at the House of Blues in San Diego. This is my second time seeing them, I saw them back in April when they were merely an opening act. My friend and I were already super fans back then, having memorized their EP, we proudly sang along to every word while the other people in the crowd just sort of bobbed their heads up and down. After the show, we met Jesse Rutherford, the lead singer and hugged him and talked to him for a bit.

My friend and I totally fangirling with the incredibly cool Jesse Rutherford

My friend and I totally fangirling with the incredibly cool Jesse Rutherford

He’s really sweet and appreciative and so are the rest of the guys in the band who we also met. Well, long story short after we saw them, they released their first album ( I Love You) and their single, “Sweater Weather” was on the radio all of the time.

I bought my tickets for last night’s show back in July, not knowing that I’d have a midterm. There was no way I was going to NOT go, so right after I finished my midterm, I booked it to my car where my friends were waiting for me with the tickets and coffee.

We were driving into downtown SD feeling on top of the world and the feeling was only surpassed when the Neighbourhood came on and totally blew us away. They were unbelievable. Jesse Rutherford has got to have one of the most sultry voices ever. He made us feel like the music and everything in the room was one. In between songs, Jesse would talk a bit about the next song and what it means. One thing I really love is that they use the phrases, Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you for their EP, Album, single because they are words we say so much that we’ve devalued them. Also, they put everything in black in white, which is beautifully metaphoric for how everything in life is not black and white or totally obvious. The Neighbourhood are true artists that are not only incredibly talented, but intelligent and thoughtful human beings.

Enjoy some of their music:

The Nbhd cover Destiny’s Child

West Coast by The Nbhd


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