I Danced on Stage with a Rockstar and YOU Can Too: A Learner’s Guide to Spontaneity.

I am coming off a concert high that is unlike any other I have ever gotten metaphorically stoned from. Last night/this morning (1-2 am), I went to a concert at our school pub, which is honestly no big deal  since I go all the time, because my school is awesome (I know I am a lucky lucky girl, so that releases me from the title of spoiled brat). The concert was for Kate Nash, a British songstress/rockstar and there were also two openers, Emmy the Great, also a brit and some other less memorable band that took advantage of a lot of cheap applause by asking us if we were excited to see Kate Nash. Anyway, it was a Wednesday in the middle of Week 8, which is the week of 2nd midterms for us lovelies on the quarter system. Basically, after week 3, you can expect at least one of your friends to have an exam/quiz/midterm every week…yay for the UC system! My point being it was just a random Wednesday that I could have easily just been in my room pretending to study, but instead I decided to bite the bullet, spend $20 and see a concert on a Wednesday night. And from that decision, I got to dance on-stage with a British girl band and conquer my fear of public dance shame.

My friend Steph and I doing a 'I can't believe we're on stage' selfie

My friend Steph and I doing a ‘I can’t believe we’re on stage’ selfie

You may be wondering how I managed to get on stage. Well, you can set your assumptions aside, I didn’t go crazy and run on-stage. I was invited, thank you very much. The band manager for Kate Nash saw my friend, Steph and I dancing and singing along and asked us (in a British accent), “Would you girls like to dance on-stage with Kate Nash?” Steph and I turned to each other in disbelief and willingly bobbed our heads up and down. We were standing on the side near the sound people, which is the best spot to be, when the British band manager looked over and was like “Ok, girls have fun!” As I walked up the steps to the stage, I felt my legs trembling with nerves and my inner shy girl start to emerge. But, then something amazing happened. I just shut that shy bitch out. I turned my brain off and just started dancing, not caring about how uncoordinated I probably looked. I just told myself, these people don’t know me. The only thing they know is that I am lucky as hell to get to dance on-stage. We stayed up there for like 5 minutes, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are on-stage it’s like a lifetime. Kate Nash is so cool. She was crowd surfing and singing her heart out. I respect her so much, she does what she loves and does it like a boss.

Kate Nash crowd surfing

Kate Nash crowd surfing

What I’m trying to say is that you can do something crazy that you never thought in a million years you would do. For me, dancing on-stage was definitely that. You just need to take calculated chances. I use the word calculated because I am not endorsing your inner desires to be a heroin addict or jump off large precipices at night…DON’T do those things, please. What I mean is to do fun things on a whim, like go to a concert in the middle of a school/work week or take a salsa class. There is no formula for fun. You don’t have to go clubbing or get piss drunk to have a good time (although, a glass of wine is always a good idea). Just do things that make you go ever so slightly out of your comfort zone. I know for me at least, doing spontaneous shit helps me balance my life. It allows me to let my guard down, so I can find out more about myself. In the wise words of Kate Nash, “If you don’t offend people here and there, you’re probably pretty boring.”

For those of you who have never heard of Kate Nash, here’s one of my favorites from her.



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