For those of you who read my blog regularly, (not sure if you exist, but if you do, I love you) you may have noticed that I, like many of your favorite TV shows, have been on a 2-3 week hiatus. I have been busy thinking about blogging but not doing it, because there has been a lot going on.

For starters, there was Christmas. Christmas was great because it was mainly spent with family that I don’t get to see all the time, i.e. my 7 yr. old twin cousins, Maya and Nathan. Also, because we get to eat copious amounts of really good food, which is great and also terrible. Anyway, I really like spending time around kids because they give it to you straight. There is no room for fake nice or cover-your-ass (conveniently abbreviated C.Y.A.) behavior. They tell you what they’re thinking when they’re thinking it, which is quite refreshing. I’ll provide a real-life example of a conversation I’ve had with Ms. Maya:

Maya: When I grow up, I want to make a class that is half ballet and half karate, and I’ll be the teacher.

Me: Ooo that sounds like a good workout. Can I take your class?

Maya: By then you’ll be a grandma and you’ll be too old to take the class.

Me: What? No. I’m only like 12 years older than you, I’m not that old.

Maya’s 5 yr old cousin: She’s right. She doesn’t even have that many wrinkles.


Well, the funny thing about kids is that their brains work almost like adults, but with way cooler reasoning skills. Like for Maya, her mom told her that she needed to choose between karate and ballet. But, in her mind she’s thinking that’s dumb. Why can’t I have both? And so, her solution to that problem is to create a super awesome Ballet-Karate (Ballate?) class.

Then there was New Year’s Eve

A lot of shit went down. No comment.

Then came the part where I get super reflective and ponder upon my life’s choices.

Then I go through a mini-bout of depression, which is really more like me just getting obsessive about stupid stuff and being a couch potato. SO, I watch many hours of Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, I feel sad no longer and feel like I can probably conduct surgery (false confidence, I definitely can’t cut people open).

And, then came the part when I realized I have a pretty awesome life and I generally make good choices, but that I’m still naive. I still have a lot to learn. I’m really lucky to have awesome people in my life. AND, that i’m TOTALLY EXCITED FOR 2014!

Mindy, my role model.

Mindy, my role model.


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