Cooking With What You Got: Pizza Eggs Edition

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to cook. My style of cooking isn’t what some would consider as traditional. I don’t really think in terms of recipes, I think more along the lines of what do I have in the house and what can I make with it? This has lead me to some of my favorite dishes.

Here’s a taste of what goes through my mind when I’m hungry and decide to cook:

Hmm…I’m hungry, what do I feel like having? *Opens fridge*

Crap, all we have is eggs, greek yogurt, spinach, someone’s molding bread and a slice of pizza.

WAIT, I KNOW…I’ll have the pizza, duh, no brainer.

But, if I have that measly slice of pizza on it’s own I’m definitely going to be hungry in like an hour…

*Stands in front of fridge indecisively*

Ok, well eggs have protein, what if I scramble an egg with my pizza? Yep. That’s what I’m going to do!

*Cuts pizza into bite-sized pieces, tosses it into the pan with crushed red pepper. Cracks egg and scrambles with pizza bites.*

And that, boys and girls isΒ how Pizza eggs were invented. I’m sure other people thought of this combo first, but I thought of it on my own, so I think that means I’m like innovative or whatever. No? Ok, well then…

Guess what, you can do add eggs to a bunch of things and it tastes amazing and keeps you full. I.e. Burrito Eggs, Pasta Eggs, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Eggs, Veggie Medley Eggs, you get it.



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