Go Hard or Go Home…Yeah, I’ll Just Go Home.

It’s no secret that I like to do things on my own terms. I’m not some kind of hipster, I just don’t like to put up with other people’s shit. Instead of making a huge deal about things, I just take the actions necessary to resolve the problem. Ok that’s a lie, sometimes I make a big deal out of things…but not intentionally. I just, I don’t know, exercise my humanly right of shit-talking like super temporarily, then I let it go and move on.

Anyway, there are times where I decide to do things that are out of character like take 20 units or go to a frat party.


I regret it right away, then take the steps necessary to resolve the problem. For the 20 units problem, I dropped an extra class. For the frat party problem, it took me one look around at all the people and the fact that the only alcohol left was Natural Light, known colloquially as Natty Light or Piss WaterΒ to be like “nope, I hate this” and I got the hell out of there.

See, I have a pretty good system going. I trust my natural instincts and then when I choose to neglect them, I just go home. Because home is comfortable. I can wear my pjs and crawl under the covers. I’m not saying not to do spontaneous things or not to take risks. Just trust your gut, because it knows you better than you think.


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