Turn down for what? Literally Anything.

Turn up” is the newest colloquialism to hit the party scene. All the “cool” kids are saying it, but what does it actually mean?

Let’s transport ourselves way back to the origins of this terminology. #TBT all the way to December 2013, when Lil’ Jon’s classic “Turn Down for What?” was first released. The song became the party anthem of 2014 and people since have totally adopted the phrase/hashtag when going out.

I’m all for hashtagging, but this phrase is really just not doing it for me, and here are some reasons why:


1. Turn Up sounds way too much like Turnip.

Nothing makes me want to party less than a root vegetable.


2. I’m nostalgic for old party lingo.

I still want to use paint the town or party hardy (maybe I was born in the wrong era)


3. I hate how frequent the term is thrown around.

WTF? People, learn some vocab.


4. Turn down sounds so negative.

Turning down is kind of awesome. I’d way rather turn down and watch Netflix than spend time at an over-crowded party with no good booze or food in sight.

So, maybe I’m just too much of a square for not using the new lingo that everyone is using, but I don’t want my generation to be remembered as the “Turn Up” Era. I want my era to have heart and soul. Mindless partying and hookup culture is kind of ruining that for us. Call me a cynic, but I probably won’t be able to hear you over my Beatles’ Abbey Road vinyl.

If you have no idea what turn up is, or have never heard Lil Jon’s song, click here for the link.


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