Vamos a México

WARNING: This is NOT a story about me getting kidnapped in Mexico.

This past weekend I made my first trip to Mexico. I live in San Diego, so the border is less than 40 min away…ooo so exciting! Unfortunately, there is a lot of negativity nowadays that limits the random trips to Mexico, I seriously would love to take. But, luckily I’ve got a roommate who’s Spanish is muy bueno (just learned that) and a family who is generous enough to help a gringa out on her first trip to Mexico.

Let me just start by saying MEXICO IS AWESOME!

We went to Puerto Nuevo, which is very touristy, but with my trusted group of auténticos mexicanos (don’t yell at me if this is wrong, I google translated it), I felt like a local. I was handed free shots of tequila, enjoyed water straight outta the coconut and drank in the breathtaking scenery.

First coconut in Mexico!!

First coconut in Mexico!!

We then took an Indiana Jones ride on the windiest roads ever into Ensenada and visited the fish market. Here there are people literally screaming at you, which is supposed to be enticing, to come eat in their restaurant. They promise free margaritas for the señoritas and all claim that their shrimp is the biggest and juiciest. It’s overwhelming and impressive all at once. We finally chose a place and enjoyed fresh fish tacos with mariachi music in the background.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

We then went to go visit La Bufadora, which is the blowhole that is basically like a water vortex that sucks up the ocean water and spits it back up. It’s pretty incredible to be near such a powerful force of nature. Plus, I’m pretty sure there are only like 4 in the entire world. We went at night and all the tourists were gone, which was a little creepy, because it was so deserted, but also really cool.

Here’s some video (I apologize the quality is not better, it’s not my video. Thanks, Youtube!):

La Bufadora

We ended up spending the night in Ensenada and then leaving the next day. But, not before stopping by the most amazing ceviche stand! Ceviche stands are everywhere, which is so wonderful, because they are really good and super inexpensive. Everything is fresh and the people who run the stands, take their seafood seriously.

photo courtesy of trip advisor

photo courtesy of trip advisor

As if I hadn’t had enough mariscos, we stopped again in Rosarito for tacos de pescado, which were seriously heaven on earth. I would eat those tacos everyday of my life, if I could. We then made our way to the beach, which looks like a California beach, but is a much different experience. There are horses everywhere, that you can ride (and I did!) and there are little ladies trying to sell you souvenirs everywhere. It’s quite an experience.



Finally, we made our way back towards the good ole’ U.S. of A. and experienced that warm and friendly feeling of racism from a U.S. immigration officer.

And just like that, I was in and out of the country in 2 days. I was without wi-fi and cell service for that time too and it was liberating. Moral of the story, go to Mexico with people from there, because it is seriously the best.


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