The Nostalgia is Real: Struggles of a Girl Caught Between Decades

I have this problem where I feel like I belong in a different time period. The Buzzfeed quiz I took to see what decade I actually belong in says that I belong in the 60’s. I agree, I think I would fit right in with the fangirling over The Beatles, going through a psychedelic phase, and being wined and dined and/or have a steamy affair with the likes of a Don Draper character. I also feel like I could totally belong in the 80’s because of my deep admiration for curly hair, synthesizer, and exaggerated dance moves.

I guess I’m just nostalgic for the way certain things used to be. My subconscious wishes that it was possible to have a sort of a la carte generation. I want to pick and choose certain things to bring into my generation, which frankly feels a bit lost.

I am a millennial or a member of Generation Y, which means that I was born in between the years: 1980-2000. This means that I have had the privilege of knowing what it was like before technology like cell phones, DVDs, the internet, social media, etc. But, also I am young enough that these technologies have become a part of my everyday life. Though I use these technologies daily, I can’t help but feel like my life would be fine without them. Or better even…maybe I would talk face to face to more people. Maybe I would have gotten away with more, i.e. no computer-based systems to double check facts like your birth year. Maybe I would have stayed out all summer tanning at the beach instead of worrying about an internship to further advance my career. I don’t know. My head is full of hypotheticals.

Anyway, here are a list of 10 things I wished were still a “thing” today (in GIFs and Images)

1. Jane Fonda Hair circa 1968


2. Jazz/Swing Clubs of the 1920’s


3. 5 and Dimes


4. Dapper Men


5. Drive In Theaters


6. 80’s Dancing


7.  Going out to eat without everyone using technology


8. Drinking Age being 18


9. Dancing other than grinding

This looks way more fun than grinding

This looks way more fun than grinding

10. Chivalry

Emma Stone gets it

Emma Stone gets it


I’m not caught up with being another decade to the point that I can’t enjoy being in my own era. I very much enjoy certain aspects of my generation, i.e. More acceptance toward gay rights, celebrating culture, and of course Girl Power (thanks Beyonce). I’m just fascinated with the past. I can’t help it, I’ll always be an old soul.




One thought on “The Nostalgia is Real: Struggles of a Girl Caught Between Decades

  1. I have lived all of those, except the 1920’s Jazz Scene, and thanks for the walk down memory lane. Clothes and shoes and maybe hair seems to recirculate, but beyond those things…it is too bad we can’t let the good times roll the old way. Then again, we couldn’t be talking to one another on a blog either. Now digitally detox and put on some Frankie Valley:)

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