Wow, I Really Can’t Handle California Stereotypes in Movies

So, I was procrastinating earlier today and decided to peruse Netflix. I settled on a seemingly light-hearted rom-com in the “Popular Movies” section, Getting that Girlwhich was categorically awful in almost every department: the acting was god-awful, the editing was complete shite, and there was almost no point to the plot. So, naturally I watched the entire thing. Not only was the movie terrible, but it couldn’t have made Californians look more trashy with the excessive “fuck yeah, dude” thrown in their vocab and the slutty categorization of SoCal girls.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only person who found this movie to be a complete cinematastrophy (yes, I just made that up). Netflix users never lie:

Netflix users are the best.

Netflix users are the best.

Honestly, though SoCal people are not that bad. Sure, we say “like” incessantly and we do freak out when the weather is over 95°F or below 60°F, but we’re definitely not the extreme that’s portrayed in the movies. Here are a few stereotypes about Californians that are totally exaggerated in movies:

1. We Live at the Beach.

Yes, the beach is awesome, we all love it; but realistically I actually go to the beach once a month, tops. I can see the beach from where I live and I jog/walk by the beach a couple times a week, but I rarely go on an organized trip to the beach, because it’s an all-day thing, and I don’t have that kind of time. Most SoCal people I know are the same, they don’t really go to the beach all that often; unless they are surfers, then they go religiously.

Surfer Spicoli, prime example.

Surfer Spicoli, prime example.

2. Everyone Smokes Weed.

There are a great deal of stoners in SoCal, but not everyone smokes weed. Again, the majority of people don’t, but people here have just kind of accepted that there are people that do smoke and we’ve all just kind of moved on. The “hey, (wo)man do whatever makes you happy” mentality is definitely prevalent when it comes to weed culture/usage here.


3. Nothin’ but Blonde Hair and Tan Bods.

Sure, there are a decent amount of blondes with super sculpted tan bods, but like I’ve stressed above; it’s not the majority. SoCal is incredibly diverse — Armenians, Mexicans, Persians, Italians, Malaysians, Chinese, El Salvadorians, Chileans, Croatians (to name a few of the ethnicities of close friends of mine); we’re pretty much an ethnic rainbow. So, kiss the homogeneous stereotype of SoCal people bye-bye, we’re a diverse bunch.

Poster Children for Diversity? So many ethnicities in one frame!

My friends and I are poster children for diversity. So many ethnicities in one frame!

I don’t know if it was just that awful movie that inspired this post or just me feeling the need to defend Californians, either way it’s already written, so no turning back now. Later, dudes, gotta go shred the gnar…JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK.

I’m gonna go stop procrastinating and study, baiii 🙂



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