5 Weeks Until I Leave the Country Forever (Or For What Seems Like Forever)…


If it’s the first time you’re reading my blog, welcome! I am starting this new category: Vino and Visas, in efforts to be cute and organized, and have all my study abroad posts in one place. In 5 weeks, I leave for a year-long study abroad trip to Italy. What’s weird is that I am not freaking out yet, which is kind of freaking me out. For some reason I don’t feel stressed, which is weird considering how much I have to get done in these next weeks. Luckily, I have an awesome mom, who helps me out and has done a ton of research on everything that I could possibly need to study abroad. So here are some great sites, thanks to my mom that you can use as resources for studying abroad:

Girl in Florence: An American expat living in Florence, Italy. She gives great travel advice and an interesting perspective on Italian culture in Florence.

Travel Fashion Girl: This site is awesome! It has totally helped me with packing; there are packing lists for pretty much any type of travel. Plus, she gives great advice on how to be fashionable without being an overpacker.

Surviving In Italy:  Misty Evans, the blogger of this site is without a doubt one of the most relateably hilarious writers ever. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog for about 6 months or so and hearing all about her life as an American married to an Italian. Her blog is wildly entertaining, definitely give it a read.

The Study Abroad Blog: This one is great for some general suggestions/recommendations about studying abroad.

Passion Passport: For some awesome photos of places all over the world and travel writing, check out this site.

That’s it for now. I still have 5 weeks left, so expect a freak-out post in that time and also way more helpful stuff like all the steps it takes to go abroad, what kind of luggage I’m using, what I’m packing, and other fun stuff!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Baci e Abbracci,




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