m.A.A.d. City

No, this is not a post about recalling my friends getting gunned down on Rosecrans. I’m just attempting to re-appropriate Kendrick’s song title, because I think he’s awesome and the title kind of fits what I’m talking about…ok I’m done sounding super white.

The reason why I titled my post m.A.A.d. city, because what’s going on in SoCal feels like complete madness. I live in San Diego, and if you’ve been watching the news, you know that SD has been engulfed in flames. Luckily, my school hasn’t been affected, but so many people have been evacuated and have had to watch their homes burn down β€” it’s insane.

Watch footage here:Β CNN – SD Wildfires

As if my current city was in enough distress, my hometown is in shambles too, with the oil spill in L.A. Read more about it here. 10,000 gallons of crude oil are in the streets of Glendale, which is actually 30 min north of my town in LA, but it’s still LA and that’s crazy that the oil is literally knee-high. As if gas wasn’t already expensive enough in SoCal, now gas prices are going to raise and we’re going to have to deal with all of the environmental side effects of OIL RUNNING INTO THE OCEAN (bai fishies).

photo courtesy of RT

photo courtesy of RT

But wait there’s more…

To top it off, it’s been insanely hot (thanks global warming). It’s been 100+ the past 3 days, which explains the fires. Plus, it’s been windy, which has proliferated the fires. This heat has not only started fires; it has made everyone in San Diego CRAZY.

Exhibit A:

Yesterday, my friends and I went to go get our nails done in Hillcrest at a nice nail salon and all was fine until some girl lost it. This girl started to throw a tantrum like a child, because the ladies at the nail salon didn’t have someone doing both her finger and toe nails at the same time. Not only did this girl make a complete ass of herself, she managed to cuss in front of a child, disturb everyone in the nail salon, and insult the woman next to her and the woman who just worked hard on her nails.


Whiny Bitch: I just don’t understand why you helped other people before me?! I’m so tired and you should have been doing my finger nails at the same time as my toes.

Nice Nail Lady: I’m sorry, those girls made an appointment. I can have someone do your fingernails in a minute.

WB: I shouldn’t have to wait. I should have priority. *puts hands over face and starts crying*

*Whole room looks over in disbelief. My friend and I check for cameras, because surely the only reason someone would act like this was if they were on a reality TV show. Nope. No Cameras. This girl is just a whine bucket.*

NNL: *hands WB tissue box* I’m sorry. You should have told me that you wanted your fingernails done when you walked in, so I could have assigned someone to you. Other people called in to make an appointment.

WB: *throws tissue box across the room and starts throwing f bombs and insulting everyone around her*

*Everyone is now furious. This little priss has now made a scene in front of all the nice nail ladies and the woman next to me with her 18 month old daughter, who was ridiculously cute and much better behaved than WB.*

People in the nail salon have now started to say something to her. And she finally leaves, but it was pretty bad. I’ve never seen a full grown adult act like that. She is a horrid human for acting like that and thinking that it’s ok to treat people the way she did. And her excuse for acting the way she did was “because this is America”.


Ah hell nah…I’m pretty sure our founding fathers didn’t fight for your right to act like a complete asshole in nail salon, because you didn’t get your way. They assumed that we would act as responsible and civil citizens. Man, that pissed me off.

Moral of the story, the heat makes crazy people crazier and a mad city, madder.

To all of my fellow SoCal people, stay safe and stay sane β€” cooler weather is on it’s way.


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