Trenitalia: What I’ve learned from Italian Train Stations.

Part 1: Train Stations

Train stations in Italy are an odd place. They are full of interesting characters: gypsies, business people, tourists, and lovers about to bid farewell. I’ve had a lot of experiences in Italian train stations recently and here’s what I can surmise…


If someone is watching you pull out your wallet and following you with no bags, a questionable outfit choice and missing teeth, they’re probably trying to steal your shit. Pickpocketing is a real thing. My uncle unfortunately lost his wallet on the metro in Rome and it was in his front pocket. People have learned how to spot tourists and go in for the kill.


No one cares if you lost your train. Sorry, not sorry (mi dispiace, ma non mi dispiace) you missed your train by 5 minutes means that you have to buy another ticket for a later train. It sucks and you usually will end up spending more money than you originally spent. But, hey that’s life.


You can get full meals at train stations and great coffee. I left the house decaffeinated and was feeling like death until I went into the McDonald’s, which actually is like a coffee shop extraordinaire, bought my caffΓ¨ at the register and got my scontrino (receipt) to get my caffΓ¨ macchiato at the bar. It’s wonderful and I think that should be a thing everywhere.

img-thingAlso, the people watching at train stations is unbeatable. I once watched a couple at the train station say goodbye for like 15 minutes without saying a single word.Β They just stood by the door of the train making out until the train was literally just about to leave and then, the girl finally got on the train and just stood by the door. The guy stood outside the train door watching his girl leave him, while smoking a cig.

Then as the train started to leave he threw his cig on the ground and squashed it with his umbrella and walked away…it was intense.

Part 2: Cazzo…Abbiamo perso il nostro treno

I’m going to let you google translate what “cazzo” means, spoiler alert it translates to an expletive that starts with an “F”. Lately, my natural blonde highlights have been especially present in my decision-making skills.

I’ve been incredibly ditzy. I underestimated the time that I’d need to make it to the train station. I guess I just didn’t keep track of the time. And, I took the longest way possible to get to the train station. I did all of these things because I wasn’t thinking straight. I was severely decaffeinated and over-tired from having a messed up sleep schedule.

I actually am a good decision maker and have a good sense of direction, but sometimes I lose confidence in those abilities, especially when I’m stressed out and I just want Jesus to take the wheel. But, I’m slowly learning that Jesus rarely takes the wheel. In life, you have to figure out most shit on your own. Like sometimes in life you miss your train and there’s nothing you can do, but buy another ticket. You’ll eventually realize that most people really do not give a shit about your personal anecdotes. I’m not saying that most people are terrible, all though there are definitely some days when I feel like the whole world is against me…I just mean that most things you have to figure out on your own. EX) missing your train and losing 15 euro.


It’s frustrating when there’s nothing you can do, and you have to figure out your next step. The only thing to do is to accept that fact that you made a mistake and chock it up to a life lesson.


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