L’ultima Notte a Firenze

Isn’t just so annoyingly true that once you finally get how things work in a new place, that you have to leave? That’s the position I find myself in on my last day in Florence. Maybe it’s the cool breeze coming the fan,  having to say goodbye to my wonderful Italian professor, or the Rino Gaetano song playing over and over in my head, “Sfiorivano Le Viole” that has got me feeling a little sad about leaving this wonderful city. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to leave the land of obnoxious tourists, omnipresent blood-sucking zanzare (mosquitoes) and am so ready to sit on a beach and think about nothing but what cocktail I want next. It’s just that finally, after 2 months of being here that I finally feel like I know how things work, and I have to leave. It’s so bittersweet…

I mean I’ve done pretty well. I’ve discovered life beyond the American hub points like Astor, Red Garter and Lion’s Fountain. I’ve learned how to decipher the Tuscan/Florentine accent, pronouncing their c’s as h’s, when the “c” is in between two vowels. ex) La Casa is pronounced as La Hasa. It’s actually kind of cute and confusing at the same time. I’ve explored Oltrarno/Aldilà d’Arno (where all the Florentines actually are). Drank wine that I filled up from the barrels at the Enoteca across the street at Santa Croce, on the Steps of Santo Spirito, Piazza del Duomo, and Sant’Ambrogio. And most importantly, I’ve made incredible friends here that have made my experience amazing.

So instead of a bunch of words, here are some pics from my favorite moments in Florence. Prego:

Walking by the Arno every day on my way to class. Even though most days I had to navigate through crowds of tourists who don’t move and are always in the way…ALWAYS.



Having class in Santo Spirito everyday and seeing all of the interesting characters that hang out in the piazza.


Gelato from Santa Trinita. Stracciatella and Sesamo Nero (Black Sesame), a personal fave. Only 1,90 euro for pure heaven!IMG_0819

Being oh so silly with my lovely apartment mates (notice the candid “let’s all look away from the camera” pose).


I Ragazzi e Il Gelato. What a surprise…but also look at those clouds! No photoshop, lo giuro (I swear)!10556540_10204251548749879_6438166780737707180_n

The view from the top of the Duomo…Meraviglioso!!


Aperitivo at Le Murate (Caffe Letterario

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.09.06 PM

Limoncello Margaritas at L’Margaritaio con le ragazze dopo una giornata caldissima!


Making fresh pasta with my Italian classImpastas

da ragazze

And of course, eating my way through the city…as evidenced by this heavenly panino from All’Antico Vinaio.10449532_10204179602591270_5791606019868917581_n

Of course there have been a million other things that I’ve done in Florence, but here’s a piccolo assaggio (little taste).

Grazie e Buona Vacanza a tutti! I now head off on a two week vacation and then I head to Bologna for my year abroad.

A Presto,



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