Ryan Air: A Necessary Evil.

First things first, I’m sorry for sucking as a blogger. I’ve been  far more inconsistent than I initially intended to be. I’d like to say that I’m going to fix that in the near future, but, I mean…

Anyway, I do have legit reasons for not writing; I’ve been traveling a ton with my good ole’ friend Ryan Air. For those of you who don’t know, Ryan Air is a budget airline in europe, that bases its business on providing affordable flights for customers and then promptly finding every way to rip you off. As a young traveler, Ryan Air is a necessary evil. What I mean by that is, if you want to travel around Europe and not break-the-bank Ryan Air and Easy Jet are your best bets. If it wasn’t for Ryan Air or Easy Jet, I wouldn’t have been able to afford all of the trips I’ve taken so far, so for that I’ll put aside the negativity and talk about all the cool trips I’ve been on.

In September I traveled to Paris, Brussels, Maastricht and Amsterdam. The Paris trip was a separate trip, just a long weekend. All of the other countries listed, I did in the week before school started. The trip to Paris was mainly because me and a group of friends spontaneously bought cheap tickets to see Queen Bey in concert back in July. We figured that Beyonce was a good excuse to see Paris as well. I didn’t really know what to expect, because I had always heard that Parisians are snobby and hate Americans. But, I honestly couldn’t have had a better experience. All of the people we met were so nice and even though 3-4 days is nowhere near enough time in Paris, we really got to see a lot of the city and enjoy Paris and of course BEYONCE, who is as far as I’m concerned, one of the best humans on the planet. Other trip highlights were: our First thing incredibly cool hostel, Young & Happy Hostel in the Latin Quarter, Nutella and banana crepes, a free 3 hour walking tour of the city, wine by the eiffel tower at night and a boat tour with mimosas along the Seine.

Pics from Paris:

My next trip was a bit longer and definitely much colder. My friend, Rebecca and I flew from Bologna to Brussels with Ryan Air, almost missed our flight, because we had electronic versions of our ticket instead of a paper copy. We literally were about to board the plane when the lady took one look at our e-tickets and our passports and said “Sorry, you can’t use those tickets. You have to go downstairs and back through security to get a printed copy, because you’re American.” So, we ran around frantically trying to make it back in time to catch our flight, which luckily we did (we were the last ones on the plane). Lesson Learned: ALWAYS PRINT YOUR TICKETS FOR RYAN AIR. If you don’t print your tickets and go through visa check first, YOU WILL BE RUNNING DOWN THE PLATFORM, or will have to pay 15 EUROS to print a stupid paper version.

Even though the start of the trip was a bit rough, the rest of the trip was amazing! Brussels is a really cool city and has amazing food/beer. They also were having some sort of festival the day we were there, so the famous statue of a peeing boy in the center of town was dressed up and instead of peeing water, the Belgians fixed up so the boy was peeing beer, which they were handing out for free. I feel like that alone, tells you a lot about Brussels. My friend Sahar, from UCSD is studying abroad in Maastricht (Netherlands), which is super close to Brussels came to visit us and then we went back with her to stay in Maastricht for the week. Maastricht is a super-charming Dutch town, in the southern part of the Netherlands. I really enjoyed our time there roaming around the streets, eating waffles and cheese and doing all sorts of fun shopping. From Maastricht we went to Amsterdam for a night, which was incredible. Amsterdam is an amazing city, full of history, culture and of course stoners from all over in the notorious coffee shops. We went cheese tasting, visited the Anne Frank house and walked all over the city. We really saw a lot that trip and enjoyed everywhere we went. It was also so nice to see Sahar and casually galavant through European countries, like we always dreamed about back at school in San Diego.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

The most recent trip I’ve taken was my pal Ryan Air was to Berlin. It was this trip that made my resentment for Ryan Air grow stronger. First off, we flew out of Bergamo, which is closer to Milan, so we had to take Bla Bla Cars (people who offer rides on a legit website from one place to another) to and from Milan, because trains to Milan are way too expensive. The Bergamo airport security is stupid and made my friend Lily throw away her expensive hair product, because it was in a travel-sized container that wasn’t labeled and they made me throw away my corkscrew, which with I’ve had no problem in any other European city before. We were just really grumpy in that airport, because everyone was being so annoying, but I mean we made it to Berlin and had a great time. Berlin, for those of you don’t know is HUGE, but it’s cool because they have an amazing public transportation system that tells you exactly how long it takes for each train to come and is incredibly fast and clean. Visiting Berlin was nice, because we had a place to stay with Lily’s brother, who lives there. My favorite part of Berlin is the funky/artsy culture that seeps into almost all aspects of the culture. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there, but my little taste of Berlin was wonderful and will do for now.


I have one last trip planned for next weekend with the homie Ryan Air and that’s to IBIZA!! The whole trip was 5o U.S. dollars ROUND TRIP!! It was to cheap not to book, so we’ll see how the Spanish Island life treats us…

The Verdict on Ryan Air: I don’t like them, but I for now I need them. Until I find a better solution…


4 thoughts on “Ryan Air: A Necessary Evil.

  1. Hello, Shelby

    I sat next to your grandmother Gloria at Alexia’s wedding in Palos Verdes yesterday and she was glowing with pride about you. As you embark on your journalism career post study abroad do let me know if I may assist with introductions. I promised Gloria I would do so.

    My warmest regards, sophia


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