Fall Forward, Behind, Back or Whatever They Say…

Sometimes in life, you neglect things and focus your energy on other things, even if the things you’re neglecting are the things you like. This is my way of saying I like blogging, but I’ve neglected my poor little blog and I appreciate y’all for bearing with me while I remember not to forget about my blog here for a second.

Since the last time I wrote: I’ve been to Ibiza (Spain) and got super tan, started an internship with the City of Bologna’s Youth Event Site, FlashGiovani, continued to babysit for two adorable Italian families, started a blog/instagram account with my friend/housemate, Lily called Fatto Con California Love, finished classes and started new ones and have had a mini panic attack about what I am going to do when I get back to the motherland. So, yeah…I should probably blog more frequently as not to dump-truck load you all with a month’s worth of activities and emotions.

Let’s start with Ibiza. The whole “let’s go to Ibiza” idea came about one night over wine with my favorite travel/drinking buddies, Rebecca and Lily, when we decided to casually browse the RyanAir website to look for cheap flights to fun places (something we do on the reg). Amidst browsing, we found a 40 euro round trip flight to Ibiza. After explaining to Rebecca, who had no idea what Ibiza was, that it’s basically a paradise island where we can sit on a stupidly beautiful beach and do absolutely nothing, we all mutually agreed to be spontaneous together and buy tickets. The only downside was that it was such a short trip, but us three and two other friends from our program made the most of it by sun-bathing all day on a gorgeous beach, drinking cheap spanish wine and playing around with my underwater camera, attempting to get a cool new profile pic #noshame. It was lovely and inexpensive, which is always a good thing.

Another new development in my life is my internship at the City of Bologna’s office in Palazzo D’Accursio, which is basically a medieval palace in the heart of Bologna, turned into a government office. I guess you can say it’s a “unique and rewarding experience” going to work at a palace every day, but there’s really no need to be cavalier, it’s totally rad working at a medieval palace! I mainly do translations from Italian to English, write articles about being abroad/cultural differences and other various tasks. The office experience, is not completely different from the show Parks & Rec, (minus the whole palazzo part) except for the fact that there’s like a million Toms and Donnas and no Leslies or Rons, which makes our productivity level on the, let’s say not as high of a level as it could be… but interesting, nonetheless. I’m learning a lot from working in an office and speaking Italian, because I’ve had to develop a new vocabulary in order to communicate my ideas; something that’s difficult for me at times, even in English.

Me in front of my office (Palazzo D'Accursio) in Bologna PC: Lily Cardiner

Me in front of my office
(Palazzo D’Accursio) in Bologna
PC: Lily Cardiner

I’ve also been babysitting for two Italian families since mid-September. One of the families has two little girls, Olivia (6) and Matilda (3) and the other has two boys and a girl, Matilde (7), Alessandro (4) and Andrea (10 mos.). The families for the most part want me to speak in english, so that their kids can be exposed to english from an early age, which is difficult at times because Matilde and Alessandro don’t speak any english so, I have to mainly speak in Italian, otherwise they won’t understand me. If anything, it’s been a fun experience for me just playing with kids who only speak italian, because I’ve had to learn a ton of vocab, that you only really learn from play-fighting with swords and getting pretend thrown in the pretend dungeon and then having to pretend to wait for the pretend prince to save you. It’s a pretty sweet way to earn an extra couple of euros on a weekly basis, I must say.

When i’m not at my internship, in class, or getting locked in the pretend dungeon, my brain is functioning much like a pinterest board, pinning ideas of what fun/healthy foods I want to make with my Fatto Con California Love partner-in-crime, Lily. We’ve been making all sorts of creative meals with italian ingredients, but with a Californian touch and then uploading pics to our instagram account and most recently to our blog (fattoconcalifornialove.wordpress.com). It’s something we started, because we found ourselves with a bit of extra free time and wanted to use it to do something we both have a mutual interest in, which is cooking/eating foods that are made well. So far, it’s been going pretty well and we’re hoping that we can get the attention of some Italians that are looking to incorporate diversity to their diets/lifestyles.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.58.24 PM

Lastly, after having all these new experiences and opportunities and a complete change in lifestyle here, I’ve started thinking about how the heck i’m gonna go back to the states. I’m almost positive that I’m going to experience a reverse culture shock. It’s not that I’ve changed so drastically that I don’t want to go back, because I have a strong and undying love for California and miss my family and friends dearly, it’s just that after living here for almost six months, I’ve started to realize that some of the things that were important to me before leaving are now less important and vice versa. I’ve been thinking a lot in hypotheticals…what if I get a job in Bologna? What if I don’t get a job in Bologna, but still want to live in Italy, after coming back to the states? Should I go to grad school in Italy? Should I go to grad school at all? How the hell am I going to afford my wanderlust? It’s constant internal questions like these that keep me motivated to do things, but also make my head a bit of a casino (Italian word for a mess, not an actual casino like in Las Vegas).

It’s a blessing and a curse being an overthinker, but it’s like any mental illness, you have to learn how to control it…I swear I’m not a mental patient, I just really suck at coming up with similes/metaphors. Anyway, so now you know what’s going on with me; I’m traveling a lot, working and learning how to live my life, one day at a time.

It’s with that kind of cool bumper-stickerish statement, that I’ll leave you.

 Alla prossima,



6 thoughts on “Fall Forward, Behind, Back or Whatever They Say…

  1. Well stated, granddaughter! The food pics are delicious to scroll through. Keep up the blogging. I may earn a degree through your experiences.
    Love, grandma Glo

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