“Ready or Not Here I Come”– Sincerely, 2015

I’m trying to stay tranquilla (calm), but I just started thinking about the fact that 2015 is going to sneak up on me so hardcore with just about a million and one unknowns, which is exciting, but also terrifying.

I’m attempting to like semi-plan out my year, not in like an obsessive over-planish way, but like in a “I need to have my shit together game plan kind of way”. So I’m going to create a brief outline for all of the knowns and unknowns that 2015 will/could have in store for me. You’ll see how as the months go along, the amount of uncertainty that increases in my life.



Parents are still in town; travel to Rome and Florence. Head back to Bologna. Leave 4 days later for 2 week travel in budapest, prague, bratislava, vienna and berlin. come home, probably will be exhausted. should probably study for exams in bologna.


Try not to spend too much money, rather save and make it by babysitting and tutoring like mad! Take exams. Start a new cycle of classes. Put in a ton of hours at my internship.


Finish up one internship, start another. School? Exams?


Will I still have school? Internship. Exams? Trip to Israel this month? Friends might come visit.


I don’t think school is a thing anymore. Internship. Babysitting/Tutoring. Trip to Sicily/Calabria/Greece.


Trip to Estonia/Finland. Milan Expo? Maybe family will come visit. Friends are definitely coming. I should probably still try and work and make money.


Travel around Europe again? Also maybe stay in Bologna a bit and say goodbye to friends.


Go back to america? Be reunited with friends, family and mexican food?


Go to NYC/East Coast for my cousin Alex’s wedding.


I guess school starts…do that. Enjoy SD with my friendsies. Be super busy…


still do the school thing…maybe have an internship or at least a job.


finish school…like for good. Maybe graduate or maybe just have one quarter left. TURN 21! Probably start freaking out about 2016.

other various things i need to do:

figure out my housing for when i get back to sd, figure out a way that i can come back to bologna/italy for work or something, try and find a job in a metropolitan city, like SD, SF, NYC or maybe somewhere in Europe, a job for when i get back to school, figure out what the hell i want to do with my life, have fun.

Now that I’ve game-planned/outlined my year, i’m going to reflect on 2014 for a bit, because that’s like the thing to do or whatever at this time of year.

Had an amazing half-year in SD, was so sad to leave my friends, but also so excited to move to Italy. Moved to Italy, met amazing people, traveled to places I never even imagined i’d ever go to, started a fun food/lifestyle blog with my pal lily, became officially fluent in another language and experienced my first snowy christmas.

It’s been a good one.

Alla prossima,


List of places i’ve been in 2014: Mexico: Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo, Italy: Rome, Florence, Rome, Siena, San Gimignano, Viareggio, Livorno, Pistoia, Bologna, Ravenna, Tavulia (Le Marche), Ancona, Livergnano, Parma, Ferrara, Rimini, Barga, Lucca, Cinque Terre, Venice, Slovenia: Ljubljana, Triglav National Park, Hungary: Budapest, Croatia: Zadar, Split, Hvar, Stari Grad, France: Paris, Belgium: Brussels, Netherlands: Maastricht, Amsterdam, Germany: Berlin, Spain: Ibiza.

I might eventually make a travel guide for certain places, but if you have questions about what to do, I can try and answer them. Contact me: snewalli@ucsd.edu. Stay updated with my life on Instagram: @shelbynewalrus, @fattoconcalifornialove (me and my friend lily have a food/lifestyle account)


2 thoughts on ““Ready or Not Here I Come”– Sincerely, 2015

  1. Continue to follow your passions and your 2015 seems exciting…it is a loose plan, because who can really plan adventure? It will be a wonderful new year! Grazie Mille for letting me share in your dreams…blog on!

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