the most informal post ever.

I woke up this morning with my makeup still on, a pounding headache and the salty remnants of drunkenly eaten mixed nuts on my bed. The only thing that I wanted to do was to brush my teeth with the new toothpaste I bought that seriously has the best flavor ever, like i want to buy 20 million tubes of it. So this is 20, I thought as I was legitimately excited to brush my teeth after a night of too many vodka lemons from the open bar carnevale party.

I rushed around the apartment trying to clothe myself for my internship, dealing with the daily battle of wanting to wear whatever I want, but also not wanting to get judged by italians.



i’m gonna be whiny for a second, you can choose to read on or not. It could be entertaining or annoying, don’t really know, because sometimes i’m entertained and annoyed by me. it’s a struggle.


It’s annoying because it’s actually not that cold anymore, but everyone here still dresses like it’s minus 40. which it never was and probably never will be, because this is italy and not greenland. It’s nice out and the sun is even shining, so naturally as a californian i want to be at the beach, sans shoes and in a sundress. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s not warm enough to wear those things and that there is no beach nearby, but i still refuse to dress like i’m preparing for a blizzard. So i wore some fun linen pants, a tank top and a sweater and some flats today. A reasonable middle ground i thought. nope. wrong. judgy looks were administered as usual. my neck is exposed, so i could catch a cold with italian logic. ugh so annoying, it’s like get over it people, the snow has melted, maybe you couldn’t see bundled under all those scarves.


ya i know cry me a river, shelby…it’s so trivial, but it’s annoying to me and obviously preoccupies my thoughts enough that i’ve thought one time while on the treadmill that if  i was granted one wish for the nation of italy, i would bestow upon them the power of being less judgy and also ethnic food. that way they can be more accepting of diversity as a whole. i think it’s good that they respect tradition, they just need to be a little less traditional…


i literally just transcribed my thoughts. so if y’all were ever curious how my mind works, there you go. it’s really all over the place. just like me, hehe.


that’s it. I don’t really know why i felt the need to title this post what i titled it, but it’s my blog so whatever. sorry if this offended anyone. if it did, just know that this post is so poorly written, that it’s not even worth getting offended over.

ok. bye. love you.



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