Meraviglioso (MARE- UH- VIL- YO- ZO) : Italian for wonderful, splendid, marvelous.

I was on the plane coming home from the beautiful island of Sardegna about a week ago, feeling sad about how little time I have left in Italy, when this old Italian song called “Meraviglioso” from Domenico Modugno came on shuffle. I hadn’t heard the song in a really long time, so when it came on it was almost like I was listening to it for the first time. For those of you who don’t know, Domenico Modugno is the same guy who sings the famous, “Volare” among other great classics, like “Ciao, Ciao Bambina“. Anyways, he’s great and wrote beautiful lyrics, that really resonated with me on particular on this ride home.

In the song, Modugno talks about how he was feeling down, when an angel taps him on the shoulder and reminds him of how wonderful the world is: how it gave us the sea, the ability to love and the warm sun that shines over all of us. It’s an incredibly beautiful song and though some might find it cheesy, I find it to be refreshingly genuine. Hearing this song was just what I needed before I starting to pack up my life here. It was the perfect motivation to help me enjoy my last week here, in spite of this sweltering heat (it’s the hottest summer in 135 years). Though I’m in no way ready to go home, I finally feel a little more like it’s the right time to go. My Italian friends are starting their vacations, my friends from other European countries have already moved back home. So now it seems like it’s about time for the Californians to return to their golden state. I feel it now; the city seems different, and so with that, I shall take me and my giant-ass suitcase back home.

Sure, I’m sad to leave my Bologna home and all the beautiful people and memories behind, but I think it’s more important to focus on how truly meraviglioso this year has been. I’ve experienced true beauty, like Modugno’s birth place, Polignano a Mare in Puglia and so I have nothing but appreciation and love in my heart for questo mondo…meraviglioso. 

Grazie mille. xoxoxo

Here’s the video for the song. Please watch. It’s absolutely, well, meraviglioso.   


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