It’s Just That, I’m In Between Shows Right Now…

You know that feeling when you just finish a really good series? First, there’s the pure satisfaction you get from finally knowing what happened and that (most of the time) the storylines have somehow all tied together. The feeling of satisfaction is unfortunately a quite ephemeral one, at least for me. What does seems to linger, is, the post-series finale sentiment of depression/incapability to get invested in another series.


For those of you who couldn’t care less about TV, this post will seem/has already seemed utterly ridiculous. To all my sweet readers, I say sorry, not sorry, because TV for me, is a serious and important part of my life. YEAH, you heard me or I guess read it right, SERIOUS + IMPORTANT.


Let me explain. It’s just that after a series, which can last anywhere from four to twelve, in the case of Grey’s Anatomy, I feel attached to the characters. I know that’s the whole point of a good series; to get invested and involved with the lives of the characters on the show. It’s just that I really do, to the point that when that page after you finish a series on Netflix pops up, recommending other similar TV shows, I just want to scream out “NO. NOT YET, NETFLIX. TOO SOON. TOO SOON.”

This feeling hit me hardest most recently with the series: Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. Both series are dramas, lasting for about 6 seasons, produced by the TV genius, Jason Katims and can without fail make you ball your eyes out. When these series ended, I felt like there was an emotional part of my life missing. It sounds silly, but these TV dramas were my main sources of, well, drama, for lack of a better word. I really felt a connection to the characters in each of the series that I haven’t found in many other series. For example: Amber in Parenthood and Coach Taylor in FNL.

Post watching the series finales of these shows, I’ve felt a little lost. I don’t know which show to turn to next. I’ve tried a few other shows that star some of the actors from FNL, such as Bloodline, which features Kyle Chandler, a.k.a. Coach Taylor/fictional man of my dreams, but I couldn’t really get into it. Not to mention a handful of random “suggested” Netflix movies that turn out to be complete flops, such as Before We Go (starring Chris Evans) and Loveship Hateship (starring Kristen Wiig), not even worth sticking out till the end.

Choosing a new show after just finishing a really great series is kind of like going on a date with someone you exchanged numbers with at the club. You’re hopeful, but not too hopeful, because you know that while it could be a pleasant surprise, you’re most likely going to want to end it half-way through.


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