Accessorize your life!

In general I am a pretty simple gal. I’m not would some would consider as H.M. (high maintenance), but there are a few things that I just go wild for. Since one of the things I really like are lists, I’ll start with a list of things that I live for.

1. Cute Sunglasses



Ali and Shelby

Nothing makes me happier than a cute pair of cheap and trendy sunglasses. The freedom of a pair of $10 sunglasses is glorious! It’s also essential while traveling. Quick anecdote: While I was in Italy, on a tour, in a tour bus…ok I know I was basically a super-tourist, but hey no regrets here, it was a blast! Anyway, my unbelievably italian bus driver, Salvatore reached down to hug me on a busy Roman street and as we were parting ways, he knocked my favorite pair of sunglasses off my head and crushed under the wheels of the oh-so powerful Fiat they remained. Though my spirits were crushed, just like the plastic remains of my sunglasses, I had little worries, because I knew that as soon as I returned home, I would be able to order those $12 wonders again and this time, I scored some hug action from a hunky Italian guy. Moral of the story, buy cheap sunglasses. A great site for online sunglass shopping is Giant Vintage, they have great deals and every style you can imagine. Plus, they give you tootsie rolls in the mail when they ship your sunglasses! How much better could it get?!

2. Great Boots

Steve Madden BootsAnother thing that i’m a sucker for is great boots. In my opinion, boots can make an outfit. If you’ve got on a great pair of classic boots, it’s going to make you look like a put-together rock star, there’s no doubt! Ok, unless your doing the whole Ugg boot and mini skirt thing, that just never works….ever. There are certain times of the year when boots go on sale. This past weekend, Nordstrom’s had their Anniversary Sale and I bought these boots on the left, because they’re different from anything I have. Also, they are shorter and all the boots I have are a bit higher. What I really like about these boots is that they are versatile for being so unique. They’d go well with a dress, tights or jeans. Plus they are Steve Madden, so I know they’re pretty good quality. The way I look at boots is that they are an investment. No, most boots aren’t cheap, but you can have one pair or fifty pairs and it doesn’t matter, they always make your outfit look fresh.


3. Dangly Earrings

dangly earrings

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dangly earring hoarder. I love dangly earrings! I would say about half of the gifts I receive for birthdays are dangly earrings, because I love them and wear them all of them time. Ok, you get it, I like dangly earrings a bit. Well, here’s why: they’re incredibly expressive. You can really say the type of person you are, depending on the type of earrings you wear. If you wear beaded jewelry, chances are you’re a bit funky and free-spirited. If you’re into pearls, you’re probably going for a more elegant look. Or if you’re like me and you think it’s a great idea to combine beaded, pearls and whatever else you have, then you’re probably a bit all over the place. I like picking up a pair of dangly earrings wherever I go, because it’s like a cool souvenir. And, when I wear them, it reminds me of that place.


Ok, so now you know me. I like sunglasses, boots and dangly earrings. I’d like to say there’s a lot more to me, but there’s really not. So, find those things that drive you wild and get out there and go get em!

“My motto is go wild on the accessories…”

-Heidi Klum

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