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Foodie or Food Monger?

I’ve realized that when it comes to food, I’m a little obsessive. I’ve been spoiled by being exposed to so much good food in my lifetime that has given me ridiculously high standards for someone of my age and income or there lack of (I’m a student).

Will eat for food

Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)

I’m lucky to go to a school that celebrates cultural and has tons of cultural food. Today I went to the Hare Krishna buffet outside the student Food Co-op. This has been a long standing tradition at UCSD; every Wednesday from 11am-2ishpm there is a buffet of Vegetarian Indian Food that the Hare Krishnas from Pacific Beach bring to campus. For $5 you can fill a plate or container as much as you want. It’s really delicious and there is SO much food.

Days like this are good. I respected my body by filling it with healthy substantial meals. But, there are some days that my body is just like, “hey girl, I know you’re trynna be healthy, but I don’t give a damn. EAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU FIND.” I hate those days. Not only because I feel absolutely awful after eating too much, but I feel bad for not enjoying and appreciating my food. There are so many people who don’t have access to the great food I do or have eating disorders that give them an awful relationship with food.

I’m trying my best to remember to be a food appreciator and not a food monger. Some days it’s hard (i.e. when there are pistachios in the house, i can seriously eat a whole bag), but I think it’s worth thinking about it before you get way too into your food.

Speaking about getting way too into your food, watch this hilarious sketch from Portlandia about a pasta obsession.