Wow, I Really Can’t Handle California Stereotypes in Movies

So, I was procrastinating earlier today and decided to peruse Netflix. I settled on a seemingly light-hearted rom-com in the “Popular Movies” section, Getting that Girl, which was categorically awful in almost every department: the acting was god-awful, the editing was … Continue reading

Netflix & New York, a love story like no other.

I have a confession to make. I’m in love…Well there’s two things that fill my heart’s desires: Netflix and New York.

No, it’s not the traditional love story, but it’s love nonetheless.


Our relationship can be toxic at times, because it’s like an addiction. I start one season and then I’m hooked. It’s a time commitment like no other that draws me away from my responsibilities. Right now I’m in deep with the Sons of Anarchy, precisely 4 seasons deep. Seasons go by and I get more and more engrossed in the lives of the club members and their old ladies. Image

The weird thing is that as I learn and more about these fictional characters, I feel like I know them and even understand them. This is particularly strange with the Sons of Anarchy, because the odds that I would associate with a bunch of bikers are quite slim. Somehow, these macho men seem so human and real with their frequent “i love yous” and bro-hugs. They show true emotion and their loyalty to their club gives them a strong sense of community that makes you crave the sense of belonging that those guys have. Anyway, the show is great and I recommend it for your next Netflix binge. Unfortunately, I have finished all of the seasons and have to wait patiently for season 5 to arrive on Netflix, oh what a glorious day that shall be!


I love NY. Ever since I was a kid I have been visiting this charming town that lures you in with good eats, bright lights, and the most amazing people. I’m a California kid, so I love the fact that I have so much East Coast family to get me out of my bubble of the laid-back California lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I love hiking and health food, but there’s just nothing like swiping that yellow MTA card that can take you anywhere at anytime.

My love affair began with the quaint Queens section, Sunnyside. In Sunnyside is where my great-grandmother and great-grandfather paid a whopping $39 down for their 2 bedroom apartment in 1940.


Since then, 7 children and all the neighbor kids grew up there, only to come back to show their children and grandchildren the magic of a small little neighborhood that has been a safe-haven for almost every ethnic group you can think of. Though the apartment will house new tenants, our family has left its mark in Sunnyside, and will forever hold a place in my heart.